Academic & Supporting staff

Being one of the major schools of the NUM by 2018 it enrolls more than 5000 students, employs around 100 academic & supporting staff.


Sustaining the quality assurance of the programs and improving the competitiveness of the program offered at the school are an essential part of the key activities at the Business School. The School of Economic Studies (Business School) joined ACBSP, the accreditation body that provides accreditation of the business programs offered at the colleges and universities in the USA and overseas, in 2011. 

During the 2011-2012 academic year, the school conducted self-evaluation and submitted the self-evaluation report to qualify the initial accreditation. Consequently, in 2013 the School of Economic Studies (Business School) received the accreditation. Since the accreditation, the school is continuously reviewing its’ academic activities to upgrade its’ performance and prepare progress reports in every two years. Business School has been working with an intention to qualify the re-assurance in 2023. 

Presently, the school is offering the following accredited programs:

Business Management;


International Trade;


Financial Management;


Banking Management